Deputies: Louisiana Man Arrested at Disney Springs After Allergic Temperature Check

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A 47-year-old Louisiana man accused of making a Spectacle and refusing to Depart Disney Springs after skipping past a medical screening is scheduled to appear in court Monday.What You Want To Know

After refusing to go through the screening, officials say he had been told to leave the park

An off-duty Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy reported coming into contact Kelly Sills, of Baton Rouge, if he wouldn’t go back to the screening area.
Disney security initially began tracking Sills at about 8:40 pm Feb. 13, when he had been seen bypassing the screening required to go into the park, an OCSO report said.
When a security manager approached Sills, a debate broke out, the report said.
“I had been standing approximately 20 feet away and shortly following the conversation started, I could listen to (Sills)… yelling at Security Manager Chris and waiving his arms” Deputy Kenneth Jorgensen wrote in the accounts.
The manager informed responding deputies which Sills was no longer welcome in Disney Springs and he had been”told multiple times that if he refused to leave that he could be detained,” the report said.
After trespassing Sills in the home, Jorgensen reported committing the man an ultimatum, he dismissed.
“I told Sills which I would count to 3 and when he didn’t begin walking, he would be subject to arrest,” Jorgensen wrote in the accounts. “I counted to 3 and Sills still refused to leave the property.”
Sills was placed in handcuffs and had been taken to the Orange County Jail, where he had been charged with trespass on land after cautioning.
Based on court documents, Sills was released sometime the following day about a $1,000 bond.
He’s pleaded not guilty to this cost.
He is scheduled for a 10:30 a.m. pre-trial conference Monday in Orange County Circuit court.