Getting Warmer When We Approach The Weekend

It Is warm and dry again today with Loads of sunshine.What You Need To Know

Getting warmer and more humid by Friday

Rain odds reunite this weekend

The Very Best rain chance is late Saturday and Sunday

High temperatures will be in the low to mid 80s except at the coast where a sea breeze will keep it a bit warmer.
Friday will probably be more comfortable with increasing humidity.
Morning temperatures will be at the upper 50s to mid 60s then climb to the mid to upper 80s Friday day. Again, the beaches will be warmer due to the sea breeze.
Thunderstorms will be active in North Florida by Saturday and may begin to affect our northern counties late Saturday.
Rain chances will be highest across our area on Sunday.
In case you have outdoor programs this weekend, make sure you check back with us to receive updates from Klystron 9.
Boating Forecast

Seas are two feet with a light beverage.