Incumbents in New Port Richey City Council Race Say There Is No Reason to Change Direction

What You Will Need To Know

Spectrum Bay News 9 spoke with Connolly and Giuliani-Hagenbaugh last week. Today, we take a look at the candidacies of both Murphy and Peters.
Matt Murphy, 50, has been elected to the New Port Richey City Council in 2018, and is currently seeking a 2nd three-year term.
“It will help to have endurance,” he says when asked why voters should reelect him.
Murphy has lived in New Port Richey for most of his life and is the proprietor of Farrell Power Company, that provides electrical contracting services.

“I observed that we’re actually starting to turn a corner in New Port Richey as much as economic improvement. . .and I wanted to make sure that we obtained these jobs finished that we started,” Murphy says about why he initially ran for office in 2018.
Those significant projects he is referring to include the Main Street Landing, a mixed residential-commercial job that took over a decade to finish before launching last year. Another long term project that’s close to coming to fruition is that the historic Hacienda Hotel. That center was developed in 1926 and is now scheduled to reopen as a 40-room boutique hotel later this year.
Murphy has said that coping with the city’s displaced has become a leading concern. He states that the council did the perfect thing in 2019 in passing the ordinance prohibiting the construction of some new motels or other”transient residential lodging” in regions around U.S. 19.
“A lot of very poor people, displaced, were staying in resorts. . .and basically the resorts were benefiting from these,” he states, adding that many people were living in”basically insufficient conditions.”
“We went there and prevent them from carrying out the long term stays in those types of areas”
New Port Richey has been the site of Black Lives Issue protests after the death of George Floyd last year that led to a extreme confrontations by New Port Richey authorities. Unlike Tampa or St. Petersburg, the neighborhood had not seen a lot of public demonstrations over the years, and Murphy says that city leaders were originally caught off guard once the protests for racial equality and authorities accountability took place.
“It started out a little rough,” he states. “We had a few issues with it. Evidently, they are very enthusiastic about how they feel and what they think needs to be altered. And there are such items that I agree with them on.”
Peters possesses an insurance company and has lived in Pasco for at least three decades.
“It’s been a wonderful experience,” he says about his brief time on the board. “We have jumped in very, really difficult. Learned a lot. Already being effective. I’m excited about these next 3 decades.”
Peters claims that although the city is rightly proud of the success of their downtown area, it is very important to spread that victory from the neighborhoods.

Mike Peters, 66, was made with the remaining four members of City Council to fill the seat vacated by Jeff Starkey.
“I need people to have the exact identical feeling when they step outside their front door every day, to say’hey, that is a good place to live.’ He says one of the things that the council can do in order to enhance those neighborhoods is by enhancing sidewalks and adding bike trails.
Peters also wishes to have the people become engaged with local authorities, specifically calling for a number of the city’s citizen’s advisory committees to be”robust.”
“I want those committees to push council. Push city direction in their ideas, understanding that may they don’t get approved,” he states. “But we need that citizen input, because (out of) the ideas of many, we find out exactly what the best ideas will be.”
Regarding the Black Lives Issue protests, Peters says that it was startling to him along with others in the New Port Richey when they started last summer.
“My thoughts were like that of lots of the city residents enjoy,’Wow. What’s going on here:’ Why did this happen here:'” He says, asserting that it was essential for everyone to”fully comprehend what the BLM movement is about.”
Like Murphy, Peters says he is happy that some BLM members as well as other community leaders have agreed to sit down and be part of a neighborhood task force to take care of racial issues moving forward.
This is the next part of a two-part series taking a look at the New Port Richey City Council race.
Listed below is information on all four candidates running for the three-year-term on April 13.
Matt Murphy’s Facebook effort page is here.
Mike Peters campaign site page is here. Here is his Facebook page. And here is his Instagram page.
Kate Connelly’s site is here .Her Facebook page is here. And here is her Instagram page.
Rachel Guiliani-Hagenbaugh’s campaign site can be accessed here. Her Facebook page is here.