Official: Number of Families Dealing with Food Insecurity on the Rise at Citrus County

CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. — How Many families struggling to put food on the table in Citrus County is steadily increasing, but according to the Citrus County Community Food Bank, for every dollar Contributed, they Could prepare about 10 meals.What You Will Need To Know

Citrus County Community Food Bank officials say the Amount of households in need is continually increasing in the county

Ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic, the food bank was serving about 17,000 people; it’s now serving about 60,000 individuals

Officials say for each dollar contributed to the food bank, approximately 10 meals can be prepared

A year to the COVID-19 pandemic, the food bank is still visiting a record number of men and women in need.
Food Bank Executive Director Barbara Sprague told Bay News 9 that’s takes approximately 24 hours for donations to come in and be distributed to households in need.
“We use to nourish about 17,000 people throughout our area in this area and now we’re continuously feeding around 60,000,” she explained.
The neighborhood has partnered with local restaurants and also a neighborhood barbershop for their annual Empty Bowls event to help combat hunger.
“Whenever that you purchase something at one of those restaurants and dine in there or carry out there, it is gonna help to feed someone else’s household,” she explained of the Empty Bowls Campaign.
Sprague explained the goal is to raise approximately $10,000 through the week of April 11-17 through the snowy Bowl Campaign.
“We want to be certain we get just as much poundage in this as we possibly can because we wish to push that poundage outside and into the mouths and bellies of those folks facing some meals insecurities now,” Sprague said.
She explained in Citrus County the help is amazing. Some people have even devoting their stimulation test to help obtain more meals in the warehouse since they felt they did not want it as far as they felt someone else from the area may gain from it, Sprague stated.
Below is the list of restaurants at Citrus County who have partnered to assist with the Food Bank:
Tim’s Barbershop
Amy’s on the Avenue Boutique & Bistro

Wallace’s at the Greenhouse
Manatee Maven
Katch Twenty Two Restaurant
Additionally, see feed352.org for dinner specials and online donations.