Tampa Convention Center Showing Signs of Life

TAMPA, Fla. — Tampa’s convention company is roaring back as the town seems to slowly emerge from a pandemic which shut down events for the previous year.With other areas of the country still shutdown and groups relocating events to Tampa, Visit Tampa Bay states the area wants to increase convention traffic and appear stronger post-pandemic than it was prior to close downs.
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Tampa’s convention business is returning to lifetime

Tampa is place to sponsor 25 events between now and the end of the year

“We can capitalize on this and say remember us, you know, we have talked to you earlier.
Corrada shared the plan of growing convention traffic Tampa coming out a pandemic which stopped traveling and sent a strong economy into a tailspin.
See Tampa Bay says the pandemic forced the rescue of many big events, work never stopped to continue marketing the area for conventions.
With rescheduled conventions from this past year, and fresh conventions from other areas of the country which are shutdown, Tampa is place to sponsor 25 events between now and the end of the year with an economic impact of about $75 million to the area.
Corrada says big events like the Super Bowl and also WrestleMania occurring this weekend is making Tampa a more attractive market for big groups seeking to sponsor events which don’t become plagued with issues concerning Coronavirus.
“Anytime we have an opportunity to demonstrate that we can have a huge group in the city and not have it become a spreader or maybe not have come down with the virus is very good because of our resume,” Corrada said.
Although convention company is opening back up in Tampa, wellness protocols, social distancing and mask principles will remain in effect.
See Tampa Bay says it’s also offering big conventions financial incentives for hosting on site events.
The more people attend conventions in-person, the more See Tampa Bay will provide in financial incentives to meet any online or virtual demands of this seminar.