Teens In Action Assist Tampa High Schoolers Learn Leadership and Civic Engagement

Everything You Need To Know
Teens in Action educates high school students direction and coping skills

The curriculum focuses on civic engagement

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The Plant High Junior is a part of Frameworks Tampa Bay’s Teens in Action program. It’s a program assisting high schoolers learn leadership skills and also to participate in civic engagement.
“I think that it’s helped me understand to become, to step more from the box – to view thing in different ways, different viewpoints,” Malizia explained.
The app uses a social and emotional learning curriculum.
“We all experience emotions, but what we don’t say is there is a bad or good emotion. It is just a comfortable or an embarrassing emotion. And if that uncomfortable emotion occurs, we need coping skills, we need coping strategies to manage it in wholesome ways,” said Siomara Bridges-Mata, a community program specialist using Frameworks of Tampa Bay.
The teenagers work on breathing and communicating skills, plus the way to compliment others and themselves.
“I’ve always been on the more outgoing side, but to folks I wouldn’t understand, or don’t know, I would be more shy and not as excited to reach them out. However, I think that has help me develop in an outspoken type of person,” Malizia explained. “A lot of folks, such as myself, moving to it you think, service hours. Yes, that will look great. However, in the long run you get a good deal more from it than you’d think.”
The application process is open to your upcoming Teens in Action course. While this application does have a price tag, members of this community can host adolescents. For any native Bay area groups that think their program will benefit from the support of academics in Action, Frameworks of Tampa Bay can also be able to expand their own reach.
To apply, become a host or to inquire about becoming a community spouse, click here.