“The Zoo Is Your Life”: Jack Hanna’s Family Shows Dementia Diagnosis, Retirement From Public Eye

OHIO — Well-renowned monster specialist and urge Jack Hanna, 74, was diagnosed with dementia, and his family disclosed at a letter Wednesday, and is stepping back from public life. What You Need To Know
Jack Hanna, more commonly known as”Jungle Jack,” has dementia, his family demonstrated Wednesday

At a letter written by his own three brothers,” said Hanna will soon be taking a step back from public looks

Hanna has worked in the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium for more than 40 Decades, first serving as executive manager and then going to the spokesperson role

He murdered at the end of last year

Hanna has worked in the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium for more than 40 decades, serving as its executive manager between 1978 to 1992. Ever since he left the role, he took on a spokesperson role up until he retired at the end of this past year.
“Doctors have diagnosed our dad. Jack Hanna, with dementia, now thought to be Alzheimer’s disease,” the letter , written by his three brothers, Kathaleen, Suzanne and Julie. “His condition has improved considerably faster in the last few weeks than any of us could have anticipated. Regrettably. Dad is not able to participate in public life because he used to.”

More commonly known as”Jungle Jack,” decked out on a normal basis, he’s credited with placing the Columbus Zoo on the map with weekly television looks, advocating for enhancing wildlife habitats and inviting the community to learn more about animal conservation.
His passion for animals began at his house in Knoxville, Tennessee, dubbed”Hanna’s Ark” in which his family raised and cared for animals.
“He has spent his lifetime linking wildlife and people because he has always thought that having people see and experience animals is essential to engaging them in much more impactful conservation attempts. He’s always said,’You have to touch the center to instruct the brain,” the family wrote at the announcement.
After being executive manager, he hosted a slew of his own shows:”Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures” from 1993 to 2008,”Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild” since 2007 and also”Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown” by 2011 to 2020. Between the shows, he made multiple public appearances.
Nationally recognized animal expert Jack Hanna catches the tusk of a black rhino after helping Busch Gardens Tampa Bay unveil plans for their newest attraction”Rhino Rally” Wednesday, May 10, 2000 at Tampa, Fla.. The journey, which is scheduled to start in the spring of 2001, will combine up-close creature encounters with an off-road safari river adventure.

“While Dad’s health has deteriorated fast, we can assure you that his excellent sense of humor continues to shine through. And yes – he wears his khakis in the home,” the letter read.
His brothers also disclosed Hanna’s wife, Suzi, is recovering from surgery as a consequence of”lifelong struggles from childhood leukemia.”
“We’re saddened by the most recent news of Jungle Jack’s dementia analysis, now thought to be Alzheimer’s disease, also Julie’s health issues which were shared today in a heartfelt letter written by Jack’s daughters. Please join us in sending messages of support to the Hannas,” that the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium wrote in an overview.
The Alzheimer’s Association Central Ohio Chapter issued an announcement after Hanna’s analysis became public.
He has been such an important person to this particular community. It’s devastating for a household to get this sort of investigation. We work to encourage awareness of this disorder so that individuals can get a better comprehension of this. Early investigation is so important in order that individuals can participate in their care planning at the first phases of the disorder,” said Vince McGrail, executive director and CEO of the Alzheimer’s Association Central Ohio Chapter. “If anybody has concerns about memory problems, we invite you to go to the doctor. In case you have questions, then our 24/7 Helpline is available in 800-272-3900.”

“Fran and I were very sad to know about Jack Hanna’s identification of Alzheimer’s which his family so bravely shared with Ohio and the world these days,” DeWine said. When we were there with Jack, we’re so blessed to experience his own passion for animals and the natural world.
“Along with our fellow Ohioans, we wish Jack, Suzi, and their best because they navigate the challenges of this disorder and is keeping them in our prayers.”
Busch Gardens at Tampa Bay, a place Hanna often visited, published a statement supporting the Hanna family.
“The Busch Gardens household is saddened by Jack Hanna’s analysis,” the announcement said. “Our hearts go out to Jack and the full Hanna household as they navigate this tough moment. Jack touched the lives of people who had the pleasure of working with him throughout his career and he has inspired countless people to protect our world and the creatures who call it home.”