Traffic Inbox: Dangerous Walk to Middle School Children in Palmetto

PALMETTO, Fla. – It’s Usually a rule when a student lives in Just two miles in school, they either walk or have to be taken by a parent.What You Want To Know

And for some pupils, the past couple of thousand feet are now the most dangerous part of the day.

“I really don’t want to be reactive to a situation. “The thing that I would hate is to listen about a kid getting killed attempting to cross the road.”
The dangerous trek repeats itself together with many children, twice a day, five days each week.
Jackson said it’s merely a matter of time before a child will get hurt.
“I sent a email to the entire school, such as government,” he explained. “This email has been days before, a week, I am not sure the right date. But from there of the email up until today, I never got a reply “
It is 2,045 feet from 10th Street to the college. The rules state it’s too close to the county to transport.
From the state’s standpoint there’s a protected crosswalk nearby, however it’s not always employed.
“We only need to make a safer chance for the pupils that live in this area to get to college,” Jackson stated.
Real Time Traffic Expert Chuck Henson got an email in the county school transportation department stating, as soon as this weekthey were going to bring a bus stop at the entrance to a nearby trailer community.
They recognize the danger and will now pick those kids up to get a more secure route to college