Universal’s Jurassic World VelociCoaster Gets Opening Date

ORLANDO, Fla. — More than six months Later revealing the name of its newest thrill ride — and Having fan Expectancy reaching a fever pitch — Universal Orlando has Declared the Launching date for Eldest World VelociCoaster.What You Will Need To Know

The new roller coaster will soon open to the public on June 10

The journey, located in the Jurassic Park section of Islands of Adventure, will open to the public on June 10, Universal said Tuesday.
“The search starts June 10! ,” Universal wrote in a tweet which also included teaser video of this ride.
Universal is calling VelociCoaster that a”new species of roller coaster.”
Riders will board glossy ride vehicles and wind up racing through a raptor paddock, attaining a top speed of 70 miles, feeling”the rush of the search.”
The highlight of this coaster — that can been seen by people throughout the centerpiece lagoon as they first enter the playground — would be the”top coat ” Riders will be steered 155 feet into the air before plunging to an 80-degree fall. The coaster will also feature a zero-gravity inverted stall and also a 360-degree barrel roll over the lagoon.
And riders will encounter every fall, spin , and turn with only a lap bar holding them in position — there are no shoulder restraints.
VelociCoaster will be the first coaster depending on the Jurassic Globe franchise and feature characters from the movies; Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, and BD Wong reprise their roles for its attraction. The ride’s narrative is original to the appeal.
As the story goes, the appeal is part of a new carnivore growth at Jurassic World. As riders are learning about this new cutting edge , they soon find themselves coming face-to-face with hungry velociraptors on which Universal is calling the”ultimate high-speed chase”
Universal has been conducting test runs of this rollercoaster for the past couple of months, giving park guests a tantalizing chance to see it in action. With the reopening of this skip bridge in Islands of Adventure a month, people were able to get an even closer look at the coaster.
The introduction of Universal’s VelociCoaster comes along with other theme parks in the region prepare to start their latest attractions. And SeaWorld Orlando’s Ice Breaker coaster is also set to start sometime this season.